….to late but good night guys , take care!….

….to late but good night guys , take care!….

Enderman and Creeper blank avatar , to you guys make your OC , feel free to make your avatar!!!

- you just need change the color of eyes or put details and done you make your avatar!!

Good Night guys , take care!!! Hanna love you!!!

Good Night guys , take care!!! Hanna love you!!!

Want to have this Coca-Cola Block? 56464 Emeralds!

you are right talk about Coca-Cola next to me and Coca-Cola is one liquid soo is not a block block soo sorry if desapoint you , but I can toud you seach about MODs can have soda and maybe have a Coca-Cola!! ^^””

Would you like Chocolate milk?

well I like chocolate milk too and milk-shake! X3

How are you today? (^w^)/

a tiring day, I spent the whole day drawing and paying attention to the teacher, and also seeing what I do in the course, and also walk through a cold chill as I took those days it rained and was vented, and all because I decided to leave the house without the umbrela!! =u=


really really is 2 AM here and I sleep bad…..sadly my fever not passed and I'm all sore like someone steped in me or threw logs on my body ok I have no sensitivity to pain my body still reacts as if someone had hit me is hard and I can hardly move because of stiffness!

sincerely to feeling crap / junk / snotty and to seeing that today I will not be able to do much…..I look like one zombie…..worse is that my nose is getting stuffy!

soo if someone want to talk go ahead ok , no problem , I not feel tired!….good that I rested enough is even still with a fever, but if I went back to bed probably short!!!!!





Well guys to me not very well, I think I got chills and now I have a fever, forgiveness is not much talked about these days I really have not stopped at home so I've been very tired and exhausted, do not worry about me ok I’ll go to sleep and who knows better, who need to leave a message send by Fanmail ok that very soon I will see posts!

I am go rest now , see ya later!!!!


Ember: *hugs Joon* -u-

Joon: *hug she* =u= ~<3

Or maybe she die?


Pop: I’m getting dizzy… I gotta find Celeste! (he looks around) 


-She hear his voice-

Celeste: I AM HERE , MY LOVE!! *near in his cave*


are already 5 am, and I’ll go to sleep again to sleeping at the wrong times and this is not good, well good night / day!

take care my cuties and http://rebornica.tumblr.com/ , haved one nice nice talk to me and make my night talk about durian *drolling* Yeah if go visit this adorable and cool person I go eat durian and MC donald from Malaysia!!! XD

night guys!!!! =u=

Soo what you want or Ask , cute person!

Soo what you want or Ask , cute person!

Ember: *Protect's Joon from the Annon, baring her teeth at them* Back off Joon you pricks! ~Hisses~ D8<

Baby!Joon: em-em…..*shake a lot*…I am scawy….*cry*………**LE POOF**…..

*fallen on top of her regular*

Joon: Uhhhggggg!?@A@”’

Baby!Joon 6/6 (done)

Joon Joon joonnnnn hahahahhaahahahahHahaha!!!!! CREEPER!!!!!! *evil laugh*


Baby!Joon 5/6

*Sneaks over in a bush to pet baby Joon* +w+ hehehehe

Baby!Joon: Nyuuuu….Ugu ugu ugu uhhhhh!!! ;n; *hide behide Hanna*

Baby!Joon 4/6